Understand sell and buy side economics for stronger commercial awareness and planning

Solution Overview

We help CPG companies better understand the value creation dynamics of customers, how these compare to their own and in doing so identify where shared value creation opportunities may lie. By building a joined up economic understanding of the category in the customer, we identify ways to articulate and unlock value*.

*This solution can be stand alone or form an input to our Category Commercial Stories.

  • Build a headline financial roadmap of your business and your customers’ business
  • Modelled understanding of the value drivers and KPI’s at a category level for both parties
  • Facilitated discussion or workshop to identify key value levers for commercial focus or mitigation in category customer propositions
  • Option to apply solution to upcoming NPD or major category initiatives to stress test and enhance the commercial proposition

How will it help?

  • A more holistic (value creation) and less binary (price and margin) commercial discussion with customers
  • Add further value to NPD funnels and gateways as part of the commercial planning process
  • Improve the quality, value and impact of selling propositions or negotiation variables