Identify and commercialise joint value creation ideas with customers

Programme Overview

We develop and run Joint Value Creation (JVC) workshops for clients seeking to operate at category and thought leadership level with their most strategically important customers. This programme goes beyond our Strategic Customer Planning programme to leverage more entrepreneurial capabilities and identify and commercialise true value creation ideas with customers.

  • A 2 day workshop with preparatory and follow up team based activities required
  • Single or multiple customer, with live customer materials jointly prepared with client in advance for each customer
  • Our Joint Value Creation roadmap forms the basis for the workshop journey and supports mapping out of the business models for the customer and client businesses, with a focus on the customer
  • Identification, evaluation and selection of joint value ideas for further development
  • Ideation and exploration of selected JVC idea and development of an outline proposition and pitch that can be evaluated for commercialisation potential and investment case
  • We also offer Business Advisory services to mid market and SME businesses seeking more hands on solutions to the identification of new value streams, development of robust business plans and commercialisation with customers

How will it help?

  • Build in-house entrepreneurial capabilities around real life customers and categories
  • Create a platform that can deliver category and thought leadership credentials with key strategic customers
  • Accelerate the pipeline of customer centred value creation ideas in your business
  • Apply business school thinking to real world opportunities in your customers and categories