Deep dive into the strategic and financial drivers of global or local customers

Programme Overview

We run customer commercial insight workshops or webcasts that focus on both the customers' strategy (qualitative) and commercial performance (quantitative*). Workshops are targeted at cross functional customer teams to provide a rounded, fact based platform for generating commercial insights, implications and ideas that can feed into customer strategic plans and trading strategies.

*Quantitative elements of the workshop apply the same financial framework as deployed in our Bitesize Briefings, but with greater breadth and depth. See our Customer Insights page for a sample of just some of the Customers for which we can provide Customer Commercial Insights, Commercial Profiles or Bitesize Briefings.

  • Available in various formats including 90 minute virtual webinars, half day face to face workshops, or as a blended solution integrated into other programmes or workshops
  • Structured summary of your customers’ strategy, proposition and outlook
  • Review customers’ key financial drivers and trends across a range of core metrics spanning profitability, efficiency and return, viewed through our customer financial framework
  • Optional drill down into the customers’ markets or business units and peer group benchmarking for additional insight
  • Internal review of performance with customer and indicated opportunities vs customer analysis
  • Consolidated implications, opportunities and ideas for further development by the customer team

How will it help?

  • Deepen customer insight as a key input to effective customer strategy development
  • Highlight areas of strategic alignment and commercial risk or opportunity with your customer that can feed customer opportunity assessment and strategic initiative development
  • Strengthen category leadership credentials with your customer
  • Provide additional stimulus and insight to category development plans and key initiative development at a customer and channel level
  • Insight and stimulus for enhanced commercial arguments resulting in better selling and negotiation outcomes